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As the hype train of E3 2019 comes to a stop for another year, it’s high-time for indies to come into the limelight. LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity, the definitive edition of LOST ORBIT which debuted on PS4 and PC a few years back, is one such title, and it’ll be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC real soon.

Self proclaimed as a “Dodge’ Em Up Game” by the developers at PixelNauts, LOST ORBIT will see you assume control of some lil’ astronauts as they manoeuvre through 65 levels of a beautiful galaxy in a bid to make it back to civilisation. The main way you will go about doing so is by using your equipment to smash through asteroids, utilise your teleportation abilities and, perhaps most importantly, avoid a plethora of lasers, mines and space pirates!

Between levels, you’ll also want to be constantly upgrading your abilities in order to contend with the hardest of enemies and levels – a calm head and fast reactions are also very much needed in order to make it to the end of each obstacle-laden level in one piece. 

Of course, when Terminal Velocity launches on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come July 16th 2019, it’ll mark the debut of LOST ORBIT onto Xbox One as a complete package. The new mechanics and levels you can expect to experience are:

  • New Mechanics:
    • Drill through asteroids, but make sure to not overheat.
    • Smash into explosives to send them flying in obstacles and space pirates to clear the way.
    • Dodge mines, laser fences, spikes and other space pirate traps!
    • Grind and change rails to easily pass by obstacles.
  • New Levels:
    • Explore 12 new story-driven levels in a brand-new solar system!
    • Clear a path for an out of control starship.
    • Escape pirates in an intense boss chase.
    • Sneak and smash your way through an old space mine.
    • Try your skills at over 15 new and extremely challenging levels!

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity is expected to release on 16th July onto Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC. We’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives.

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