When roaming the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, you want to look extra stylish whilst hacking, right? Well, the newest DLC to drop for Watch Dogs 2 has you covered!

Six new pieces of DLC have arrived, with each DLC at least containing clothing sets to dress Marcus Holloway in. The ‘Bay Area Thrash’ pack is the cheapest and most basic pack of them all, consisting of rock themed outfit and paint job for £2.39. Next up is the ‘Velvet Cowboy’ pack for £3.99, to wear a 70’s inspired clothes set, get a customs finish for you weapon and a paint job. The other four packs – ‘Ride Britannia’, ‘Retro Modernist’, ‘Glow_Pro’, and ‘Kick It’ – all contain a themed clothing set, vehicle paint job, weapon designs and RC decals, at a cost of £5.99 each.

All of the DLC packs are available separately, however, there’s a Watch Dogs 2 MEGA Pack which includes all 6 content packs for a reduced price of £19.99 on the Xbox Games Store. Will you be splashing the cash on some new gear?

DLC Description:

WATCH_DOGS® 2 MEGA PACK is an additional premium collection that gives you several new styles to express yourself. Continue your Watch Dogs 2 experience as an unpredictable, but always stylish, hacking legend. Whether you want to show your appreciation for fine art, pay tribute to the classics, or take to the streets, this pack has you covered.


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