LucidSound are fast on a mission to take the gaming headset market by storm. Today they have announced another new headset which has been added to their growing range – the LS25.

Created with the eSports world in mind, the LucidSound LS25 features everything you need to ensure that you’ll be on top of your tournament game.

Compatiable with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and of course PC, the LS25 is dedicated to providing exceptional chat and sound quality. It comes with 50mm speakers, a clear sound stage, dual mics and a proprietary control system that we’ve become accustomed to from LucidSound.

Full features are as follows:

  • 50mm High Fidelity speakers with Neodymium magnets have been specifically engineered for gaming
  • A remarkably clear sound stage so that gamers can easily identify teammates, enemies and audio cues that provide the difference between victory and defeat
  • Dual mics allowing players the option of using the integrated discrete mic (Ideal for phone calls and casual chat) or the unidirectional, flexible boom mic for intense gaming sessions
  • Direct to PC connection via a 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring a simple connection to any gaming rig
  • Reliable audio connection with no batteries required, pro gamers can be assured of uninterrupted game and chat audio
  • Proprietary control system, allowing gamers to adjust volume simply by twisting the ear cup
  • Fully compatible with PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Nintendo® Switch™ and mobile platforms

“The LucidSound design philosophy is focused on building the next generation of gaming audio products with a focus on uncompromising audio quality, innovative control, exceptional comfort and enhanced voice communications,” said Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound. “We are proud of the work our development team undertook to deliver an innovative, high-performance headset for tournament players.”

It certainly looks the real deal but would you be able to ditch your tried and trusted tournament ready headset for this beautifully designed set of cans? Let us know in the comments below.

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