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LucidSound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One Review


LucidSound first came to my attention back in 2016, when the plucky upstarts delivered the gorgeous looking LS30 Wireless headset to the world. Since that time though they’ve fast become one of the leading players in the gaming headset market, having provided in-ear options, full eSports focused kit, surround sound sets and even a collaboration with one of the world’s largest music artists, the iconic Snoop Dogg. In between all that though and we had the E3 2019 announcement of the LS10 headset, an advanced wireless gaming headset that would cater for multiple formats.

The LS10X is the Xbox derivative of that line, and with LucidSound promising a rich feature set and the opportunity for gamers to stay focused on the game ahead, it’s a hugely intriguing product. And after spending a fair amount of time with the LS10X for Xbox One, I’m pleased to announce that LucidSound have created a brilliant piece of kit that any Xbox One gamer looking to expand their headset options should more than consider. 

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The LS10X may not have the immediate visual appeal of some of the other products in the LucidSound range, but the full black piece of kit will certainly be of interest to many; particularly those who like to go under the radar with their gaming gear. You see, the LS10X is fairly subtle in its design, with the all-black design only really broken up by a light grey material covering of the inner earcups, with a couple of delightful LucidSound logos standing proud on the externals. With a well placed embedded black LucidSound logo sitting pride of place on the very top of the padded headband too, this is certainly one headset that refuses to shout from the rooftops, instead letting the overall user experience sell itself. 

And what an experience it is, with the LucidSound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One providing the near perfect fit for anyone in the market for a wired headset. With 50mm drivers that have been custom tuned by LucidSound providing clear, bassy, super loud audio directly into your lugholes, the main event with the LS10X never lets you down. In fact, I’ve been hugely impressed by the sound that this headset has provided, allowing for pinpoint accuracy when out in the gaming battlefields, and full immersion when jumping behind the wheel of a racer – the likes of Need For Speed Heat and GRID have become even better when this headset has been attached to my controller. 

It helps too that LucidSound have seen fit to ensure that the LS10X is fully optimised for both Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. Whilst I can’t in any way consider myself the most fickle of audiophiles, at all times the LS10X has produced the goods in terms of sound quality; rather brilliantly too. 

lucidsound ls10x headset review xbox one 2

The swivelling earcups that deliver this sound are a great over-ear fit too, with the combination of the plush oval cups and the deep padding on the headband ensuring that this is a hugely comfortable headset to wear – either for five minutes or five hours. With an easy to use volume dial built in to the outer circle of the left earcup, and a simple single wire emerging from the same side allowing connection via 3.5mm jack to your Xbox One controller, simplicity is certainly the name of the game here. Throw in the lightweight frame, the adjustable headband size, and a weight of just 243 grams, and it’s easy to see why this headset is so well thought of. 

It’s not just about the sound that the LS10X provides though and any gamer worth their salt will know that the online world is one of huge importance, never more so than when you find yourself in a party with friends. Thanks to the advanced dual-mic system that is attached to the LS10X, allowing others to listen in on your dulcet tones is never too tricky. The best way of doing this in terms of gaming is to utilise the removable boom mic that sits nicely on the left earcup. Fully flexible, it’s a cinch to find the perfect placement of this mic, allowing all other gamers to discover the clearest of chat even when in amongst the most intense sessions. Muting the headset is simple too, with a single press of the volume dial on the left cup actioning full mute, with a brilliant red light emitting from the end of the mic boom to signify when that mute has been switched on. 

Further to that though is a built-in mic that is perfect for taking phone calls. Whilst this doesn’t provide the same clarity as that of the removable boom mic, it still just about does the job intended of it and is a nice addition, even if in practice it is hardly used. For me this is an Xbox One headset first and foremost but should you want to use its power whilst connected to your mobile phone, making calls and listening to music or YouTube videos, the option is there.

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All in and I’ve been hugely impressed with the LucidSound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One. The sound quality is nothing short of awesome, chat is well considered – at least when using the boom mic – and in terms of comfort it ticks all the boxes. What’s more is that each of the speaker tags that sit on the earcups are attached via magnetic plates, which means should you wish to customise your headset then you can do so. At this price range, any form of customisation is a rarity. In fact, for this price this type of quality is a rarity and for that reason alone I have no hesitation in recommending the LS10X as a massively viable option for anyone looking for a new wired headset. It’s so good in fact that I’d put it right at the very front of the queue. 

Huge thanks go out to LucidSound for providing the review unit of the LucidSound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One. If you wish to pick up a set of these for yourself then you would do well to head to LucidSound themselves. Tell them we sent ya!

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