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It’s been around for a couple of weeks on PC already, but now word has arrived that the launch of Mable & The Wood for Xbox One is set in stone for this month. So, would you like to know exactly when you’ll be able to get stuck into and slay your way in this Metroidvania style 2D side-scroller?

In Mable & The Wood, players will take on the role of the titular character – Mable – in order to hunt down massive beasts and, after defeating them, shapeshift into their form before using their power to either save or destroy the world. Unlike most of the Metroidvania type offerings out there, this does not allow players to run, jump and kill on their own. Mable is rather weak, so non-human forms must be taken on to enable the opportunity to attack creatures and traverse through difficult challenges. Prepare to transform into the likes of a giant mole, a spider, medusa, and a handful of other forms that provide the necessary abilities to progress.

Alternatively though, those with less violent tendencies can find secret paths through the pixel fantasy world and complete Mable & The Wood that way instead; without killing anything, even the bosses. Whichever method chosen, there are multiple endings for you to discover by exploring the different routes within the game.

Mable & The Wood, from publishers Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games, is releasing on 18th September for Xbox One, whilst it’s currently available on PC via Steam. If you wish to find out more about Mable & The Wood then we’d certainly recommend a read of our hands-on impressions from its Early Access days.

You’ll also find Mable & The Wood coming to Nintendo Switch as well – October 10th 2019, in fact.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be checking out Mable & The Wood when it comes to Xbox One real soon. The comments section is down below and we’re on the usual social channels.

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