maggie the magnet

No kids, science isn’t boring. It’s not boring at all, and is fundamental to our understanding of the world and its many phenomena. And Maggie the Magnet is here to tell us that fun with magnets is to be had aplenty, with its plethora of magnet-based physics puzzles.

Releasing today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch (with a PC release coming a few weeks back), Maggie the Magnet is a simple enough title. In fact, it is based around the press of just one button. Each of the 150+ levels sees you turn on our titular magnet, seeing her flung across the level in the direction of the magnet point designated in each puzzle. Turning it off stops Maggie’s movement, relying on momentum to perform a number of aerial stunts in order to make it to various areas across the map.

It’s that simple, although when bounce pads, fans and the like are thrown into the mix, one has to understand the different effect each force as on Maggie, altering their button presses accordingly.

And there really is no wider earth-shattering story at the centre of this piece: Maggie simply loves to do science experiments – it’s her raison d’etre, if you will – and has for this reason opened up her own laboratory. How exactly she managed to get planning permission and licences for this, being a magnet and all, is anyone’s guess, but that’s by the by.

Further features of Maggie the Magnet include:

  • Use gravity and magnetic attraction to navigate tricky single-screen stages!
  • Solve environmental puzzles involving physics and scientific principles.
  • Fling yourself around the lab with accessible one-button controls!
  • Master more than 150 challenging levels.
  • Enjoy cute adaptive visuals that change with the soundtrack!

Do you want to give Maggie a quite literal hand? Maggie the Magnet is now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, head over to the Xbox Store where the price of admission to this lab is £4.19. Alternatively, the game is now on the Switch and PlayStation storefronts. A PC release is already in place.

Game Description:

Use the powers of gravity and magnetic attraction to fling yourself across the laboratory and solve puzzles! There’s nothing Maggie loves more than scientific experiments! She’s an animated magnet, capable of turning her magnetic powers on and off whenever she wants. Sensing the potential for scientific discoveries, she opened her own laboratory and now there’s only one key component separating her from having fun and exploring her capabilities. She needs someone to oversee the experiments! Are you up for the task? Maggie the Magnet is a physics-based puzzle game, in which all the gameplay is centered around a single button. Holding it down enables Maggie’s magnetic powers, thus making her fly in the direction of the magnet point, a metal plate with 4 magnets attached to it. Releasing it allows Maggie to perform all sorts of aerial stunts as she flies over gaps using gravity and built-up momentum. Fling Maggie around the laboratory and experiment with the unique layout of more than 150 challenging levels!

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