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Fancy heading to a fantastical Asian-influenced world in which ninja assassins rule? Aragami 2 will allow just that when it launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC in 2021.

A brand new stealth action title that promises much in the way of magic, blood and fellowship, Aragami 2 is being developed by those at Lince Works to deliver players a gaming experience that is utterly packed with ninja fandom.

From the darkness, the Shadow clan has returned with Aragami 2 providing a beautifully crafted story offering a unique ninja gameplay experience. Set to release in early 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC, Aragami 2 takes place 100 years after the events of the first Aragami game – published in 2016 – as a new story unfolds amongst the chaos born of tensions between rival factions and an insatiable thirst for power.

Lince Works’ first Aragami title was launched in 2016, a Tenchu-style stealth game that was able to revitalize the classic ninja genre by introducing unique gameplay mechanics that felt both challenging and fast for players, with our review of the Aragami Shadow Edition going live in 2018. With a striking art style inspired by Japanese mythology and culture, Aragami was a bit of a hit. And that is where the second game will come in, with Game Seer behind the funding.

Aragami 2 sets players off on an action-packed adventure that takes place in a fantastic world with influences from Asian culture, mythology and folklore, in which powerful military factions rule the lands. It is a time of war, unrest and conflict in which players will live out their ultimate ninja fantasy as Aragami; encountering vivid stealth sequences and epic battles with stunningly choreographed combat.

If you’re a fan of the Aragami franchise, or just stealth games, then you are likely to find this sequel delivering a fresh new action stealth experience with more agile stealth mechanics, new combat features, and gripping narrative. Aragami 2 also encourages players to engage in their ninja power fantasy alongside friends: Ninja groups of up to three players can tackle the full campaign together or hop in and out at their leisure.

“It was as important to us as it was for players, to bring back Aragami and this time we wanted to bring it all in. Multiple features, such as the combat system, were scrapped in the early development of the original Aragami game since we didn’t have the resources to build them” says David Leon, Aragami 2 Game Director. “This sequel will bring a sensational new world, story and fresh gameplay mechanics to create a total new experience adding combat and cooperation to our core stealth mechanics. We think players are going to love it and we can’t wait to show you more of it.”

“Game Seer’s goal is to look for those unique original games that can touch a large range of players. We feel that with Lince Works we are achieving this goal, supporting an awesome team, and helping them to go beyond their original success” says Bertrand Vernizeau, Game Seer CEO.

2021 may still seem some way off but chances are it’ll be here before you know it. With that in mind, you should be taking in the trailer for Aragami 2 right now. Give it a watch and let us know what you think.

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