It’s like breakout, just it’s different. So different in fact that you won’t be trying to push a ball through a brick wall… instead you’ll be left frantically trying to keep that ball in play!

By utilising a clever rotating bricks system, Magical Brickout see you taking on 48 levels of increasing difficulty of block movement, and all because a damn Evil Wizard has captured the good fairies of Wondaria. But hey, do we really need to worry about the story behind a Peggle inspired title? I think not.

Priced at $9.99 and only currently available in the North American region (should that change and a UK release occurs we’ll let you know), Magical Brickout puts a massive twist on the usual breakout formula, ditching the usual back and forth paddle for a circular brick rotation movement. And it is with the power of these bricks in which you’ll acquire magical powers, avoid hazards and overcome unique challenges – three things that should draw in anyone sitting on the fence and wondering about a purchase.

Hand painted visuals, a fantasy theme and some fast paced, super addictive gameplay should just about be the icing on the cake of Magical Brickout. If you need confirmation then make sure you keep an eye out for our review, but otherwise get yourself over to the Xbox Store an nab yourself a brick-busting adventure.

Game Description:

Magical Brickout offers a new twist on the beloved classic Breakout formula. Instead of moving a small paddle back and forth across the screen you are able to rotate the bricks in a circular fashion as you frantically try to keep the ball in the play area. This fast-paced and addictive gameplay is only half of the fun. Combined with a fantasy theme and beautifully hand painted graphics, casual and hardcore gamers will be entertained for hours. The magical lands of Wondaria have long been a source of pride and beauty in the kingdom, thanks to the tireless efforts of the fairies that live there. Peace and prosperity existed for generations…until now. In his quest for unending power, the Evil Wizard has captured all of the good fairies in the land and trapped them in bricks which he used to build up his wicked castle fortress. With the help of his foul minion and a host of diabolical cohorts, no one dares challenge his reign…no one except YOU! Using an enchanted spherical orb, you must help free the fairies by breaking apart the Evil Wizard’s castle brick by brick. Only then will balance be brought back to the kingdom! Features – Liberate fairies in over 48 thrilling levels spread across 8 magical themes – Acquire magical powers and avoid treacherous hazards – Overcome unique challenges and boss levels – And much, much, more…

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