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Make them just like Mama used to in Pizza Tycoon

Pizza Tycoon Xbox
Pizza Tycoon Xbox

Controversial maybe, but the worst pizza I have had was in Rome. Their thin bases and lack of cheese just isn’t what I want from a pizza really. It may be traditional, but there’s a reason the recipe has been altered over the years. If I ever owned a pizza restaurant, it would be deep dishes all the way. Now I have my chance though as Pizza Tycoon releases today on Xbox.

Everybody has to start somewhere, even in the pizza business. Unfortunately, that does mean making that rubbish you call a pizza in Rome. But excel at this and soon your pizza making abilities will allow you to travel the world with the most successful pizza chain going. Head to places like Paris, Berlin, Sydney and more all just because you can make a decent pizza! I am certainly in the wrong job here.

But how you get to the top is down to you. It could be simple hard graft to make it to number one, or through some less than legal methods. Whatever you choose at the end, make sure it is you earning the most crust.

It takes a lot to brand yourself with the ‘tycoon’ moniker in your game title. Will Pizza Tycoon be more Zoo Tycoon or Esports Life Tycoon? Our review will have all the answers soon.

Pizza Tycoon is on the Xbox Store now priced at £11.99. There is currently a deal where you can get a full-sized pizza a little bit cheaper, dropping to price down to £9.59 for a limited time. And stay tuned for our review coming very soon, once we’ve got our pizza dough down from being stuck on the ceiling.

Game description

Make a pizza nobody can refuse! The economic simulation Pizza Tycoon offers a number of hot new toppings! Work your way through a challenging campaign to rise from a simple pizza baker in the streets of Rome to the owner of the world’s most successful pizza chain! Show your competitors the way to sell pizzas and create a unique taste experience for your customers each time they visit one of your restaurants. Whether you do so by means of target group oriented advertising and great pizzas in stylish restaurants or by dancing along the crust of legality through the occasional use of sabotage and violence is entirely up to you. It’s time to once again enrich the world with tasty pizzas and redefine good taste.

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