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There are some games which are wholly aimed at the children’s gaming market. Educational Games for Kids is one, but now there’s another – Checkers for Kids. And it’s available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Available to purchase and download right now, with an asking price of £7.49 in tow, Checkers for Kids comes from the Prison Games team as they give Xbox players the chance to bring an old-school traditional gaming experience kicking and screaming into the virtual world. 

It’s Checkers for Kids that ushers in a new world for the humble checkers scene, mixing things up a little from the usual black and white stylings that we have come to know and love. You see, Checkers for Kids on Xbox allows the chance for you to use a whole host of gameboards and playgrounds, mixing things up as you see fit. And the inclusion of a delightful little pet fish to bring forth even more calm is a much appreciated one. 

Everything else that you’d expect from a Checkers title is here though. Single player options are the meat and drink, but there are also multiplayer local modes too, mini-games, add-ons to enjoy and more than 20 toys to play around with. Throw in a relaxing atmosphere and music and we have to admit that we’re looking forward to spending some time playing Checkers for Kids. 

Expect to find the following key features playing out on the checkers board…

  • ★ Single-player and multiplayer modes
  • ★ Over 20 toys to play with
  • ★ Changeable addons
  • ★ Customizable playground
  • ★ Mini-game with your pet fish
  • ★ Lots of rules settings
  • ★ Relaxing music
  • ★ Positive atmosphere

Our full review of Checkers for Kids on Xbox will be with you in the coming days. For now though you’ll find a download of the game presented from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Remember the times when you were a kid? With tiny hands and tiny feet? Running around your room, chewing bubble gum, imagination made everything fun. Take your favorite toy, remember these moments of joy, pick some other for your friends – and laugh until the game ends! Checkers for Kids is a traditional and inspiring board game which attracts the attention of younger audience. There are lots of unique toys you can choose to play with and customize even further with your favorite addons. Black and white is too boring for you? Change up your playground however you want. And if you are tired and want to relax, just play with your pet fish which will cheer for you during your games against family and friends! If there’s no one around to compete with, no need to worry: a skillful AI player will gladly play with you. To make it more accessible for players all over the world, the game offers a lot of settings to test all possible modes of checkers. Grab your favorite toy and improve your logic thinking while having fun!

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