maki paw of fury

Tiny, fluffy, and deadly trained – that’s Maki: Paw of Fury.

From the RedDeerGames team – previously behind Gum+, Pro Gymnast Simulator – as they work with the developers at Bacord Games, Maki: Paw of Fury is a classic arcade fighter that is looking set to come to PC and console in 2023. A game which focuses on how your one true love has been kidnapped by a mysterious villain, it doesn’t take long before you give over your life and prepare to overcome all evil.

A beautifully animated fighting game in the style of those retro arcade gems from years gone by, Maki: Paw of Fury will see you utilising your martial arts skills in order to stun and defeat your opponents, eventually taking down the main villain as you go.

Due to release on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in 2023, Maki: Paw of Fury will have you playing as a little fox – Maki. And yep, we know that foxes are pretty damn hot in the gaming scene at this moment, what with The First Tree and Endling – Extinction is Forever already dropping us into the life of the reynard, but you won’t want to be fooled by the cuteness delivered in Maki, for he’s studied in the art of Tsume no Ken and is an excellent fighter.

It’s going to be up to you to use Maki’s skills in order to rescue his friend from the hands of the evil Mapu. And he’ll have his favourite weapon helping him out – Tuna. Yep, tuna.

As you may expect from that addition, Maki: Paw of Fury should be a fun little affair, one that is pushed along by brilliant visuals and tight audio at all times. It comes with five unique locations, each of which will deliver different levels and little minigames as it goes.

Oh, there’s the promise of a couch co-op mode too.

The key features include:

  • Good, old, retro-styled gameplay
  • Beautiful visuals and atmospheric music
  • More than 15 types of enemies to fight with
  • Cute playable characters: Maki and Tincho

Fancy the opportunity to join Maki: Paw of Fury? You’ll find it on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in 2023. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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