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Yes this may be Rocksmith, but when the chance arises for one of the biggest bands the world has ever known to deliver some new content to our digital libraries, it should matter not what type of musical genre is covered. So, are you ready for some pop and disco courtesy of the Swedish supergroup, ABBA?

Available right now to add into your Rocksmith 2014 Edition or Rocksmith Remastered tutoring experience comes a trio of the very best, very biggest, ABBA tunes with this triple pack most certainly being something that is going to appeal to near on every music lover across the globe.

Priced at £6.69 for the full Rocksmith ABBA Song Pack, you’ll discover the following utter classics appearing in your Rocksmith library…

  • Mamma Mia
  • Dancing Queen
  • Fernando

Each of these tunes are available for just £2.49 too, with the option to grab them individually, away from the full song pack, a much appreciated one. Or it would be if that full song pack just wasn’t so enticing, and from where we’re sat, getting involved with the main event and having the option to start learning, playing and mastering these ABBA classics is going to be extremely difficult to ignore.

The usual digital stores will sort out your download of the ABBA Song Pack, with the Xbox Store happily delivering the goods to Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Those preferring to take in their guitar skills on PlayStation will need to visit the PlayStation Store. Obviously, whichever option you decide to take, you’ll need the base game in place first – the base game that promises to be the fastest way to learn guitar. And if for some strange reason this pack doesn’t suit your playing style, there are a ton of other options readily available.

Our full review of Rocksmith on Xbox One is in place for those who are unfamiliar with how Rocksmith plays out, and we highly recommend you give it a read prior to delving into the dark guitar playing arts. But from there on out, you’re good to go.

Let us know by dropping into the comments below, or by hitting us up on the usual socials, whether this ABBA Song Pack for Rocksmith is one that is going to see you splashing the cash. We’d love to hear from you.

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