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Anyone who’s taken a deep dive into the shark-based RPG Maneater will know how bloody brilliant it is by now. It did so well that Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver are able to celebrate the fact they’ve hit one million sales of Maneater. Better yet, they’ve announced news of next-gen upgrades coming at the console launches of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5… for FREE. 

You’ve got to hand it to them both, it’s quite an impressive milestone for the open-water, action-RPG Maneater. And after spending time evolving those small shark pups into a legendary apex predator, players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC can witness the entire game evolve with the arrival of next-gen. The next-gen upgrades for Maneater will be available at launch for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on 10th November, as well as PlayStation 5 on 12th November (North America, Australia, and New Zealand) and 19th November (Europe). Don’t worry if you’re a PC gamer because your enhancements are scheduled for early 2021.

Once fully evolved for the next generation of consoles, Maneater will support Ray-Tracing, native 4K HDR at 60 FPS, and new lighting effects that will bring the underwater world of Maneater to life like only the next generation consoles really can. Meanwhile, Xbox Series S owners will also benefit from increased graphical fidelity and frame rate. As long as you own the game on the current gen, the upgrade won’t cost you a single penny more, which is a rather nice bonus.

Will you be indulging in more brutal shark antics when Maneater gets the upgrade treatment on Xbox Series X and PS5 this November? Leave a comment below or reach out through one of our many social media platforms and let us know!

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