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Marketing Your Business On The Move: 6 Proven Strategies That Work


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Marketing your business is challenging enough at the best of times. But it is even more complex when you’re on the move, looking for the next sale. It’s not always clear how you can do both at the same time. 

That’s where this post will help. We look at several smart strategies you can use to raise awareness and get the word out about your business without interrupting your day-to-day operations. 

Use Social Media

Whenever you’re on the bus, train, or in a taxi, get on social media and use the time to promote your business. Write and schedule posts to share with your followers so they can see what you’re up to and that you’re active. 

Social media can be an excellent tool to help you find new audiences and make connections. Prospective customers will often vet your social media presence before deciding to move forward with you as a company.

Creating content on the go can be challenging, but the more you practice it, the more you get used to it. At first, typing something out on your computer while traveling on the train feels strange but you eventually get used to it. 

Join Industry Groups Online

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Another pro strategy is to join an industry group online. Connecting with contacts on the Internet helps you reduce the need to make in-person contacts.

Many of these industry groups exist. You can connect with people who wouldn’t ordinarily find you in the normal course of business. You can also make friends and contacts overseas, something that would have been extremely complex in the past. 

Turn Interactions Into Networking Opportunities

Related to this last point, you want to look for opportunities to turn interactions into networking opportunities. The more people you can bring into your orbit, the more likely your business will succeed. 

Travel can seem like a burden because you’re away from the office. But if you can make human connections with people as you move around, they are more likely to remember you and what you offer. You can also build rapport, which is harder to do when online. 

Unexpected encounters are the ones you’ll want to look out for the most. These tend to be the most organic and fruitful long-term. 

Use Email Platforms That Let You Market To Your Audience On The Go

You’ll also want to use email marketing services that let you reach out to potential customers while you’re on the move. High-quality solutions automate the sales funnel process and enable you to send your content to interested audiences whenever required. 

As a bonus, you can send fresh emails to contacts from anywhere, as long as you’re not actively driving a vehicle. Many software packages let you craft email marketing campaigns from your phone, letting you work on the plane and use so-called “dead time” to be more productive. 

Add Prospects To Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

If you can, you also want to add customers to your customer relationship management tool. The more you can reach out to them, the more likely they are to trust you and what you have to offer. 

Of course, traveling takes up a lot of time. But if you have a CRM on your portable device, you can manage your leads on the go and make sales, even when stuck in a plane or car. 

If you get motion sickness, try setting up these tools to reach out to customers automatically. Often, you can arrange sales funnels that do most of the work for you, allowing you to perform other tasks or simply enjoy the journey to your destination. 

Keep Your Promotional Material With You

Another strategy is to keep your promotional material with you at all times so you can deploy it when you see an opportunity. For example, you might have brochures with you so you can hand them out to people who seem interested in what you’re selling. You could also bring business cards with you, or even posters if you see an opportunity to put them up. 

If you have a lot of materials, use luggage storage at most major transport hubs. Then, when you go back to the station, you can bring it with you to your next destination. There’s no need to drag a massive suitcase around with you anymore. 

In summary, there are plenty of things your business can do to market to customers on the move. It’s just a matter of preparing and ensuring you have the digital tools you require to make it happen.

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