Listen up Marvel fans, for Activision have got you sorted with a couple of games that will probably be of interest.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 have arrived today on the Playstation Store and Steam. Xbox One owners need not worry because they’ll just have to wait a couple more days before they both appear on the 28th July. No matter what format you play on, you’ll be able to grab them as individual downloads, or together in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle.

With a cast of over 22 playable characters, the original Marvel: Ultimate Alliance lets players create their own teams of heroes from the Marvel Universe, or recreate their favourite existing ones, like the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and more. You’ll get to experience a story starring more than 140 legendary characters, including Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Loki, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Ultron and many others, whilst the chance to customise and upgrade these mighty squads of champions will see you fighting through the single-player campaign, or in cooperative and competitive online and local multiplayer modes with ease.

Set within the climactic events of Marvel Comics’ Civil War story arc, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 meanwhile places players into the struggle for or against the infamous Superhuman Registration Act. The missions, challenges, and threats players face are affected by which side of the conflict they choose. UA2 will let players assemble and level up their own Marvel Universe dream teams from over 24 playable characters, each with specialised abilities that can be combined for amazing results. Play alone in single-player, or battle together in online and local co-op with up to four friends.

We will of course remind you once it arrives on Xbox One.

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Agent HUNK
Agent HUNK
6 years ago

ummm….. no telling about if graphics are better or if dlc is included ??? what a shitty article!!!

Reply to  Agent HUNK
6 years ago

Thanks for reading! If we were given that information, we would certainly have shared it. But we weren’t, so we didn’t.

Perhaps we’ll tell you about the visuals and any included content in a review.

Luke Hardiman
Luke Hardiman
Reply to  Agent HUNK
6 years ago

That was my main question is if the graphics were updated. Oh well I guess I’ll find out on my PS4.