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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and three others form a mighty Game Pass mixtape today


It’s a banner day for Game Pass, which we’re getting increasingly used to saying. Both the quality and quantity of games seems to be increasing.

The big inclusion this time round is undoubtedly Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Console, Cloud and PC). Released in 2021 without much in the way of expectations (mostly thanks to the reasonably lackluster Marvel’s Avengers), it blew us away and was one of the most enjoyable games of the year. This solo adventure game managed to capture the knockabout feel of the movies, while finding its own interpretation of Starlord, Gamora and others, as well as delivering one of the year’s best stories.

And we shouldn’t forget the character-switching, team-oriented, pyrotechnic gameplay, that had you taking down swathes of enemies while jetpacking round the room. It’s not a supremely long campaign, coming in at about twelve hours, so a Game Pass runthrough might feel particularly tempting. 

Outside of this headliner, there are some fantastic games. Today also sees the launch of Lawn Mowing Simulator (already on Game Pass for Series X|S and now added for Xbox One), Young Souls (Console, Cloud and PC) and Kentucky Route Zero (Console, Cloud and PC).

We’ve introduced Lawn Mowing Simulator to you more times than we care to count, but know that it’s a lawn-mowing business simulator that allows you to wile away time on a ride-on mower, and make bucks as you do so. 

Young Souls is a newbie, launched today, and we’ve played enough to know that it’s a stylish co-op or solo brawler where you play a pair of ragamuffin twins on the hunt for their lost adopted father. The quest takes them to an alien world of fantasy ghouls and goblins, as they level up, loot and bring trinkets back to their hometown pawn shop.  We’re enjoying it so far. Expect a review any day now. 

Kentucky Route Zero doesn’t need much of an introduction. It received vast amounts of critical acclaim, and rightly so. Released episodically over several years, it was bundled together in 2020. Summarising it isn’t easy: this is a magic-realist narrative adventure game that mostly takes place as a road trip down a fictional and improbably long road. Along the way, friends are made, bears tap away on typewriters, and surrealist moments make you question your sanity. Pretentious, but oh so satisfying.

What else is on the platter for March? We’re expecting official news from Microsoft soon, but you can be sure that on March 15th, we get the privilege of Nier Automata (Cloud, Console, PC), Phogs! (Cloud, Console, PC), Torchlight III (Cloud, Console, PC) and The Surge 2 (Cloud, Console, PC). It has been previously announced that we would get Shredders on March 17th, A Memoir Blue on March 24th, Crusader Kings 3 on March 29th and Weird West on March 31st. 

Which of these critical darlings are you going to be playing? Let us know in the comments below or by typing in ALL CAPS in our social feeds.

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