There have been many opportunities to visit Egypt in the gaming world, but now we’re in line for something a little different as the latest Minecraft DLC pack mashes together the block-filled wonder with a teeny bit of Egyptian Mythology.

Available to purchase right now on Xbox One and Xbox 360 (yep, we know, we don’t see much hitting 360 nowadays), is the Minecraft Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up pack. Priced at £4.79 this lets us head to the Valley of the Kings in order to climb the pyramids, dodge the deadliest of traps and head down into the ancient tombs found below.

With legendary mobs, a ton of new skins and an epic soundtrack all rounding out the fourth Mythology series pack, should you be looking for something to move your Minecraft experience in a new direction, or just love the Egyptian way of life, then this pack should be for you.

The Microsoft Store will send you on the journey of a lifetime. Hit it up and get your download in right now.

DLC Description:

Will you survive the perils of the Pyramids? Journey through the Valley of the Kings, dodge deadly traps and explore the ancient tombs below! The fourth pack in the Mythology series, this Egyptian-themed Mash-up comes with textures fit for a Pharaoh, legendary mobs, a pantheon of skins and an epic soundtrack!

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11 months ago

I’m a few years too late, but I like your write-up. I downloaded this tonight and I like it! A nice change of pace.