There is absolutely nothing wrong with nostalgic twin-stick shooting in our book and that is why it’s always a delight to sit down and spend a few minutes with Circuit Breakers. Now though those minutes are going to get even more delightful as a brand new update has hit the game – and it’s free.

Available for all Xbox One and PS4 Circuit Breakers is a new free update which adds in new playable characters, a ton of the most deadly weapons, plenty of power ups and more.

Alongside that, and a new game mode is also hitting home and Wavebuster sounds brilliant. This new tower defence option will challenge you to work with friends to defend a critical core from waves of deadly robots. With features and mechanics that are brand new to Circuit Breakers, the ability to place walls, plant turrets and upgrade them in order to assist you should be something to take in.

If you haven’t yet played Circuit Breakers but wish to know more about it, then make sure you hit up our full review. With 6 player local co-op, easy to understand controls and that addictive one more go nature that it brings, if you need a twin stick shooter then it is well worth checking out.

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