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If there’s one thing The Quarry did it was remind people that horror can be scary any time of the year. A narrative horror at the height of summer doesn’t sound like an easy sell, but The Quarry has become one of the biggest hits of 2022. It’s mix of teen summer camp slasher and Supermassive Games pedigree of horror tropes sounds like an instant winner, and it turned out to be true.

Since the release of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, Supermassive Games have also been adding in multiplayer to their horror offerings. Some would argue a jumpscare shared is a jumpscare halved, but the reality is it’s always funnier seeing others jump higher than yourself. The Quarry was due to have multiplayer, but it was rightly delayed whilst staff and online servers were moved out of Ukraine.

But now, that multiplayer mode is here. Titled Wolf Pack, it works a little differently than other multiplayer modes. It is an invite-only mode where you can invite seven friends to watch along as you play. However, the decisions aren’t made by the player, but by the audience. It means that everyone is playing – whether directly or indirectly – and isn’t left twiddling their thumbs like before when their character dies prematurely.

Now, the pessimist in me tells me that many audience members will be actively trying to sabotage the players actions. At least, I certainly will be.

This new update also brings with it the complete Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast in-game. Previously only available outside on select streaming platforms, join paranormal investigates Grace and Anton as they dig into the mysteries surrounding The Quarry.

Plus, owners of the Deluxe Edition can now dress the characters up in some high quality ‘80s chic with a variety of character outfits. This can also be purchase separately from the Xbox Store in the Deluxe Bonus Content Pack, priced at £11.99.

For those looking for The Quarry base game, that can be found on the Xbox Store priced at £64.99 for the Xbox Series X|S version. And if you are just looking for a pillow to hide behind whilst the events at Hackett’s Quarry unfold, I’m afraid you are on your own there.

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