legend of the skyfish xbox one

There are puzzles to solve and a monstrous antagonist to defeat, but all you have to overcome them is a trusty fishing pole. That’s the unique idea hoping to hook you in to give Legend of the Skyfish a look on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

Coming from the trio of Ratalaika Games, Crescent Moon Games and Mgaia Studios, Legend of the Skyfish sees Little Red Hook, accompanied by the legendary Moonwhale, on a puzzling journey to bring an end to the evil Skyfish. On this adventure through the 45 handcrafted levels present, she must use a fishing pole as both a weapon and a useful grappling hook tool, which can be upgraded along the way. Aside from the Moonwhale, it’s the only thing that’ll help Little Red Hook to defeat the unique enemies and giant bosses ahead.

Features include:

  • Unique fishing/grappling hook mechanics
  • Gorgeous hand-painted environments and creatures
  • Original music score by Sean Beeson
  • 45 handcrafted levels
  • Epic boss fights
  • Various puzzles to solve

And you can take a trip to the beautiful world found in Legend of the Skyfish simply by visiting the Xbox Store – or the PS Store, of course – to purchase this puzzling adventure for the sum of £7.99. It’ll also be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch later this week come 30th Aug, so whichever console you own, Legend of the Skyfish will soon be waiting on all of your preferred digital stores.

As always, do let us know if you grab the latest offering from Ratalaika Games and share your thoughts about it via the comments section below! And make sure you keep an eye out for out review too.

Game Description:

Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful level-based adventure puzzler with a unique weapon and tool – a fishing pole! Follow the intrepid Little Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish. Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grappling hook, and upgrade it as you go. Legend of the Skyfish features beautiful hand-painted art, intricate action puzzles and unique enemies. Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels and defeat giant bosses.

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