Forget the Madden series, for there’s another American football simulation game on the market in the form of Maximum Football 2018. So huddle up close and see how this Canadian-made title looks to supply American football fans with an alternative option.

The pace is swift in Canuck Play’s Maximum Football 2018 and fans can achieve gridiron greatness while playing under the rules of Canadian football, American football, or even College football – the choice is yours. Hone your skills by practicing in the dedication mode, before getting stuck into full seasons of the sport, besting the other teams and needing to adapt to the weather that can affect the gameplay. Off the field, there are options to customise the teams and players, with multiple body styles present to ensure you get to use the right one for you.

If nothing else, it should provide something different to the usual offerings for the sport. So, if that convinces you to splash the cash, you’ll find Maximum Football 2018 costing $16.99 on the Microsoft Store in the US right now for Xbox One. Unfortunately, us UK based gamers will have to hope it reaches our shores one day, and when it does, we’ll update you all on its status.

Will the draw of playing under different rules and customising your own teams be enough to garner a purchase? Get in touch and let us know!

Game Description:

Achieve Gridiron Greatness North American football with your teams and your rules. Maximum Football 2018 allows you to play with Canadian or American football rules, customizable teams and players.

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