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Kicking back and watching fish swim around in an aquarium is one of the most pleasant past times you can find. The relaxing nature, the gurgle of the air bubbles, and the insight into a whole new world is one of the reasons why so many people around the globe have an aquarium in their homes. But never before has the real-life fish world and that of the virtual one come together as one quite in the same way as Megaquarium, as it released on Steam in 2018. Now though the hit game is coming to console, with an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 version confirmed.

Coming from the team at Twice Circled Games, with the publishing rights handled by Auroch Digital, Megaquarium is expanding beyond the Steam paywall to make an appearance on console, with a release on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch promised for later in 2019.

After wowing the crowds on PC, Megaquarium will bring its classic management tycoon experience to console, with an aquatic twist. It is here where you’ll be given the chance to design the very best displays and choose between 100 different aquatic species including fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals, jellyfish and invertebrates, all as you take full control of your own aquarium.

The Steam version is already up and running and will give a great insight into what is expected, but basically put, every decision you make in Megaquarium will have specific consequences. So, dependant on your choice of animals, filters, tanks, staff and layout, this living simulation will live or die – hopefully not the latter. With research opportunities aplenty, management of both the fish and your guests crucial to success, and a campaign mode which will have you learning everything you need to know about fish upkeep, Megaquarium promises to be a pretty deep affair. But just as you think it is looking easy, expect the unexpected and some of the greatest water based challenges you’ll ever know.

Specific details are fairly thin on the ground, but taking the Steam version into account, features should include something like:

  • 10 level ‘learn the game’ campaign
  • Sandbox mode with full customisation and random challenge generator
  • 97 species of livestock to discover each with their own unique care requirements
  • Over 100 different objects to place including filters, skimmers, nitrate reactors, chillers, heaters, food boxes, equipment stations, doors, gates, food and drink dispensers, balloon stands, decorations, paint and more!
  • Plan staff talks down to the subject, time and frequency to increase your point income even further!
  • Gift shop and guest facilities
  • Fully featured theming and decoration system

A fully confirmed launch on console is certainly something that we are interested in seeing, and as soon as that cemented release date is known we’ll be sure to bring you it. Just be sure, it’s coming, and it’ll be here real soon.

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