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If you’re anything like us, you’ll have harboured an urge to act like the AI in your favourite games. You might have driven to the speed limit in GTA Online, blending into the traffic, for example. Or you might have played one of the growing number of games that encourage you to be a wallflower, ‘unspottable’ to even the most observant: games like prop hunts, The Ship, even the Hitman series and Among Us. 

Unspottable takes them all to their logical extension, giving you an arena full of AI bots, dressing you up as them, and then seeing whether you can match their behaviours and trick other human opponents. If you hit your opponent before they hit you, the victory is yours. And it is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC via Steam.

We know full well how this is going to go down in our house: scumbag local co-op players are going to be looking at our control pads to see which input matches which bot. It’s like a whole new level of screencheating. 

In a climate where Among Us is a phenomenon, and we’re all looking for new ways to come together and outfox each other, Unstoppable may be in a fantastic position. If the evil, conniving setup catches on, developers GrosChevaux (Big Horses – we did our GCSE French), may well have a hit on their hands.

There’s certainly depth to match the potential. There are fifteen levels to play in, while the AI have a diverse array of behaviours to try to mimic. More worrying, potentially, is that only local 2-4 player co-op is on offer, when online multiplayer might have made this a breakout hit. Let’s hope it’s on the cards for the future. In fact, it’s that lack of online option which our full review of Unspottable on Xbox picks up on. 

Unspottable is emerging from the crowd today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via the Xbox Store and will cost you a reasonable £9.99. It’s also out on Switch and PC via Steam whilst a PS4 launch is coming soon. 

Game Description:

Unspottable is a competitive couch party game for 2 to 4 players. Blend in the crowd of AI characters, hunt down the other players and use the many different environment specific rules to win the game. Walk like a robot and punch like a human!

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