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METAGAL has been rolling around on PC thanks to Steam for a few years now, bringing her cyborg ways to PC gamers interested in helping save the world. Now though it’s time for Xbox One gamers to get in on the action, as METAGAL launches into console-land – at a super cheap price!

Available right now on Xbox One – and depending on where in the world you are, PS4 and PS Vita – METAGAL is one of those old-skool ‘save the world and have fun doing it’ type of games. You know, because this world has been taken over by a maniacal fiend, and it is left to you and the wonderful METAGAL to save the day. Just. Like. Usual.

Also coming to Nintendo Switch (29th Mar), METAGAL will be found going up against 8 stages of 16-bit madness, all before attempting to take down the Creeper in a battle to the death. With more than 30 enemy types, powerful weapons that are dropped METAGAL’s way upon defeat of a boss, and a ton of special secrets to hunt down, if you’re after some run and gun platforming gameplay, METAGAL may well suffice – particularly when you factor in the stupidly low price being asked for it.

Features of METAGAL include:

  • Classic jump and shoot style platformer.
  • 16-bit graphics.
  • 8 levels that each have their own unique environment, detailed designs and different gimmick.
  • 30 Enemies types, which doesn’t include the various Bosses.
  • Powerful new weapons that can be obtained by defeating each Gal Boss.
  • Lots of secret collectible items that can be used to power up your character.
  • Soft death penalty with “Gear” system allows player to resolve their mistakes with less frustration.
  • Unlockable new characters to play wi, each come with their own powers and upgrades.

Our full review of METAGAL on Xbox One will be with you in the coming days, but if you like what you read, or are tempted in by the trailer below, then head on over to a digital store near you and pick it up right now. You’ll find METAGAL priced up at £4.99 from the Xbox Store, however the smart cookies out there will get in swiftly and make the most of a small launch discount at the same time.

With previous Ratalaika Games titles faring reasonably well on Xbox One, chances are METAGAL will be more than worth the small price tag.

Game Description:

Players are thrown into the shoes of “Meta,” a cyborg girl, in her quest to rescue her Creator “Dr Ray” from the hands of “General Creeper,” the evil leader of a rogue army!! To make matters worse, Metagal’s sisters were also kidnapped by Creeper and he’s turned them all into battle cyborgs, in order to use their powers so that he can at last, rule the world!! With no other option, Meta must face her sisters, free them, and copy their abilities, if she wishes to take down save those she loves and the world. But even if she can endure 8 stages of intense action, there is still the final confrontation against Creeper himself!

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