Forget Friday the 13th, it’s all about Halloween in the latest DLC chapter for Dead by Daylight. But unlike the previous Lullaby DLC which was free, you’ll have to pay for this one… with your life! Or money, that’ll be acceptable too.

Michael Myers – not to be confused with Mike Myers, occasional funny guy who voices Shrek – is a killer of the highest pedigree; just look at all those Halloween films showcasing his sadistic nature. He’s the Killer character featured in the Halloween Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight, and as you can probably figure out, Laurie Strode is the playable Survivor. Whether you’re fighting to slaughter or survive, Michael’s old hometown of Haddonfield will act as the battleground for proceedings. The night of Halloween is when the purest form of evil comes out to play and you’ll never forget the infamous white mask, that’s for sure.

Should you want to add Dead by Daylight: The Halloween Chapter, and all the new stuff it brings, to your deadly experience on Xbox One, simply creep on over to the Xbox Games Store where it’s priced at £6.39. Is Michael Myers the perfect addition to the game, or is there another Killer you’d prefer to take control of?

DLC Description:

HALLOWEEN® is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight, where you’ll witness the purest form of evil. Where pain is the beginning and death is the end. You’ll get to meet Michael Myers himself. Together with Laurie Strode, you’ll either fight for survival or slaughter in their old hometown, Haddonfield. The masks we wear… A white mask that stalks the night. A simple babysitter who wouldn’t hurt a fly, a town that felt safe as they went to sleep with unlocked doors. Whatever happened that dark Halloween Night? HALLOWEEN® is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight and it includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map.

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