Rangers have been waging war across Middle-earth for a while now, but the one console to rule them all has today brought various enhancements to Middle-earth: Shadow of War via an update. So, what improvements can Xbox One X owners expect?

Warner Bros. are looking to take full advantage of Xbox One X’s impressive engine to deliver a true 4K and HDR experience, and as long as you’ve got a screen capable of viewing the upgrades, the latest update should bring two enhanced modes to choose from in Shadow of War. The first option focuses on resolution with increased texture detail, targeting native 4K. The second option focuses on overall quality with increased draw distances, improved shadow and lighting conditions, increased vegetation, improved ambient occlusion, higher polygon counts and texture filtering improvements, all optimised for the Xbox One X.

Have you been laying waste to Orcs galore since this update has been release? If the answer is yes, don’t forget to comment with your thoughts on the enhancements and whether it’s made any noticeable difference to your experience, or not!

Still haven’t rekindled your relationship with Talion? Then be sure to have a read of our review as it’ll surely convince you to get involved with Middle-earth: Shadow of War sooner, rather than later.

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stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
4 years ago

Played this on my One X last night and was really impressed with how much better it looked. When you pause the game and you get a random orc or whatever appearing next to the menu it literally looked like it was popping out of the screen it was so sharp, detailed and colourful, hope lots of games offer a similar sort of improvement. My only slight disappointment is that I cannot capture any of this new content in all its true glory to show my non 4K friends what they are missing. The screenshots and videos just look like any other Xbox clips, even on my PC using the app.