Might & Magic® Duel of Champions: Forgotten Wars has just been released by Ubisoft and you can pick it up right now. If you’re not sure, have a watch of the launch trailer first.

Available for Xbox 360, M&M Duel of Champions: Forgotten Wars will give you the chance to choose a hero from six time-tested factions from the Might & Magic® universe and then take them into battle through the single-player campaign, in local multiplayer or online against ranked opponents from around the world.


With more than 30 missions, you’ll find yourself assembling an army of creatures in battle while unleashing combinations of spells to defeat the opponents on the battlefield.

Four additional card sets from £3.99 are also available to help reinforce ranks and build out card decks, which will give players more than 650 cards to collect.

Might & Magic® Duel of Champions: Forgotten Wars can be downloaded for £7.99 from the Xbox Games Store for Xbox 360.



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