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Milestone Studios have a rich history of providing bike lovers with their dream games. The likes of the Monster Energy Supercross series, and the brilliance of MotoGP 20 are just two of the finest examples. But they also cater for those who just love to ride without a care in the world, and with the announcement of RIDE 4 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, dreams will once again come true.

Due to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come 8th October 2020, RIDE 4 is the next instalment in Milestone’s rich RIDE history; a series of games that has fast become the reference point for gamers all over the world looking for a realistic and authentic bike simulation.

The original RIDE, RIDE 2 and RIDE 3 have all provided the goods, but now it’s time for things to move up to another level with RIDE 4 featuring a cutting-edge level of visual fidelity, bringing to life authentic and lifelike replicas of the most iconic motorcycles. Promising a unique gameplay experience, with a completely renewed Career mode, that brings the player into fast-paced challenges all over the world, culminating with ultimate Championships focusing on the most powerful Sportbikes, RIDE 4 will also include a brand-new Endurance mode, the hardest challenge that only the best virtual riders can face. This new mode has allowed Milestone to boost the level of realism and authenticity with dynamic lighting and weather conditions. And further to that you should expect to find pit stops in place, letting racers stop for tires and fuel management.

RIDE 4 will be nothing but a visual masterpiece, allowing gamers the chance to hop aboard some of the fastest bikes in the world as they carve their own path to glory. Wth tracks that have been replicated with laser precision, and a host of real world manufacturers in place, alongside a multiplayer option which utilises dedicated servers, there is seemingly going to be much to love about RIDE 4.

  • A VISUAL MASTERPIECE – All bike models in RIDE 4 have been created from the ground up using the most advanced technologies and the original CAD and 3D scans of real models, to bring to life authentic and lifelike replicas of the most iconic motorcycles, even the rarest and most exclusive ones. Every single bike detail has been carefully reproduced as in their real-life counterparts. Even the cockpit is a perfect reproduction of the real thing, both in terms of design and dynamic elements. The data on the dashboard changes in real-time, speed, temperature, traction control…even the oil bottle vibrates according to the movements of the bike! RIDE 4 is an act of love made by bike enthusiast for bike enthusiast. On track, Laser and Drone scanning enable a never seen before level of accuracy in reproducing the most beloved and iconic tracks, an adrenaline-filled journey all over the world!
  • A NEW PATH TO GLORY – RIDE 4 introduces a new Career mode that lets players control their progression toward the success from the very beginning. Players will be free to choose how to structure their journey from local to international leagues. Every decision they take will affect their career path, giving access to special events, races and challenges for a unique gaming experience! And to make it even more unique, players can access to several tools to create their distinctive bike and riding apparel and to customize many mechanical parts of their bike. Reaching to top in RIDE 4 is not an easy journey, the competition gets tougher thanks to the proprietary technology A.N.N.A., an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent, a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks enables an incredible level of challenge for players, with cleverer and faster opponents.

In RIDE 4, Milestone partnered with two of the most iconic brands of the two-wheel world, Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone. “When we launched the RIDE franchise our main goal was to create a unique IP for all two-wheel lovers; today – five years later – the astonishing realism of its visuals, the depth of its gameplay and the great partners we’re working with, confirm we’ve worked in the right direction to create the ultimate two-wheel racing experience”, said Luisa Bixio, CEO of Milestone.

Paolo Pavesio, Marketing and Motorsport Director, Yamaha Motor Europe commented “racing and adrenaline have been part of Yamaha DNA since our foundation, 65 years ago. This is why it has been almost natural to partner up with one of the biggest names of the global motorcycling gaming industry – Milestone. We strive to give excitement and emotions to our customers and to all motorcycle lovers, always staying close to what “revs” them inside. With Milestone and RIDE4 we also innovate our approach, reaching out to new fans, that have a shared passion for motorcycle – be in the virtual or the physical world, the love is one and we welcome these riders to our family. Being among the pioneers for the rising eSports world (with Trastevere73 as official Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP rider) we bring our involvement in gaming to the next level with RIDE4 and the variety of unique activities planned on and off-line for the following year”

“As a global mobility leader with a large portfolio of premium products and solutions including premium motorcycle tyres, we saw fit to make our debut in the virtual world by partnering with Milestone, a proven leader in two wheel simulation games” – commented Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle Business at Bridgestone EMIA. “We are always looking for fresh ways to engage our customers and interact with the riding community, while also showcasing the quality of our products. Being present in RIDE 4 represents a one of a kind opportunity to do just that”.

RIDE 4 will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 8th 2020 – and we’ll be sure to keep you fully up-to-date with the development process from here on out. Check out the stunning trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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