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If there was one series of games we could have put our mortgage on continuing into 2020 and beyond it would be that of RIDE, Milestone’s premier motorcycle racer. And our house would have been utterly safe too, with the Italian developers today teasing RIDE 4 with a new trailer – alongside announcing a rather tasty collaboration with Yamaha.

Having dropped all manner of bike racers to gamers throughout 2018 and 2019, 2020 looks to deliver more of the same, with RIDE 4 front and centre. Currently in development by Milestone, this is going to be a game that will appeal to all two-wheeled lovers, releasing in 2020 and providing even more features and options than those which have gone before it. And with the quality of RIDE 3 already right up there, that’s exciting news indeed.

Whilst full details will be confirmed as we move ahead, for now all you need to worry about is the fact that RIDE 4 aims to be the definitive sandbox for all motorbike enthusiasts, with a never seen before level of realism and accuracy. True to the franchise’s soul that players love, RIDE 4 will include several astonishing new features never seen before in the series.

Since first release back in 2015, the RIDE series has established itself as a tribute to the motorbike culture, recognized as unique in its genre thanks to the quantity of vehicles included, its high-fidelity bike models and the thrill of its racing gameplay experience. And in that time it has become home to over 1.5 million players sharing the same passion for motorcycles racing; a passionate community that can be easily described with a few numbers: 52 Million motorcycles purchased to race more than 238 Million competitions, covering more than 233 Billion Kilometers, more than 780 trips to the sun and back.

But it’s not just about a new RIDE game, and Milestone have also confirmed a partnership with Yamaha Motors. Again, more details about this new partnership will drop as and when, but be sure to understand that it will include both digital and in-store activations with exciting activities for all. And whilst no confirmation on formats has yet been given, we’d be massively shocked to not see RIDE 4 arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at the very least.

So, will you be heading into RIDE 4 when it launches in 2020? Does this Yamaha collab excite you? Let us know in the comments.

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