MXGP Pro promises to ensure that training to become the new Motocross world champion has never been so much fun. But why? Well, it could well be to do with the return of the Compound.

One of MXGP fans’ most loved features, the Compound is an even larger training area than before, giving players the chance to improve their riding skills, take part in training sessions and get involved in some thrilling races, across various tracks, with different weather types.

A one square kilometer area of forest that has been inspired by a real-world location, the amazing Esino del Lario, surrounded by the Grigna Mountains and by Lake Como to the South, the Compound includes two tracks – one for Supercross and another for Motocross – to allow riders the chance to push their limits in time attack mode or against official riders. For all off-road competition lovers out there, a more challenging trail has been created, where you can go full gas and put those riding skills to the test.

And it will be possible to test those skills in many motocross disciplines: air control, scrubs, cornering, wet, standing starting and braking, with each one associated to 5 test sessions that will see any custom rider’s skills increased by training with official MXGP riders.

Having worked with official MXGP riders Tim Gajser, Tony Cairoli, and Gautier Paulin, who together provided extensive and precious feedback during the development of each skill, the result is a real racing feel and impressive realism!

Tim Gajser explained to our designers how to properly master a scrub: “The scrub is a really special technique, I explained how the body moves and how the bike reacts accordingly; to perform a perfect scrub during a race, you need to keep leaning as much as possible, almost cutting through the air, maintaining a low trajectory. This is the only way you can land earlier and gain some time” then he added” I tried the scrub feature in the game and I was impressed with the high quality and realism of the reproduction, it was really fun!

Gautier Paulin added: “The designers did an incredible job, I was surprised to see how the ground was totally identical to the real thing, as well as the bike’s reactions on different tracks, wet or dry; like when the bike loses speed when going up a hill and it goes faster when you come down. I tried different tracks and I gave my feedback” as for cornering, he added “I asked the developers to work on the bike’s reaction when entering a corner with banking, the grip that you get with the bike is amazing. The result achieved in MXGP PRO really is unbelievable.”

Last but not least, Tony Cairoli concluded “This year the designers have done a great job, especially in terms of the riders and bike physics; for example speaking of the braking, it changes greatly based on the type of terrain; I think it was when I tested the wet tracks that I realized that the brakes felt too soft on some sections so the bike wouldn’t brake properly, so I told them about it. I saw the final result after my feedback and I must say that I was really impressed with the realism of the riding feel.”

MXGP Pro will release on June 29th 2018 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. With the introduction of the Compound, it really should be the best MXGP title to date. Check out the trailer below and then leave us your thoughts and comments.

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