For many, the chance to play their favourite Xbox One games on PC via the Xbox Play Anywhere feature is a godsend. When the main TV is tied up, but all you want to do is play a game, it allows for enjoyment to be had, with little fuss and bother. Today we are seeing the list of Xbox Play Anywhere titles increase as Samsara arrives on Xbox One and PC.

Available right now for £12.49, Samsara from Marker Ltd is a mind bending puzzler. Giving you control of Zee, you’ll need to help move her around multiple levels amid not just the beauty, but the utter confusion they bring.

With 70 puzzles in place, and each of those split across two, wildly different, dimensions, if you’re looking for something that starts off simple, but gets highly complex, then Samsara is the game for you.

Initial signs are good, and whilst our full review will be with you in the days ahead, should you be looking for a puzzler to sit down and spend some time with, then the Microsoft Store should be your next port of call.

Game Description:

Zee is lost in Samsara, a puzzling journey of beauty and confusion. Using mystical blocks and powerful portals you must help Zee awaken from Samsara. Features – Samsara is a mind-bending 2D puzzle game set over multiple dimensions, where the player manipulates different shape blocks to create a safe pathway for Zee. – High quality addictive puzzle game with over 70 physics based puzzles. – Levels are split across two dimensions. Each dimension reacts differently to the physics of the blocks allowing for complex and engaging levels.

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Amelia Jones
Amelia Jones
4 years ago

This game looks really interesting and can’t wait for your full review to see if it is worth downloading.