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Say what you want about Dovetail Games, Rivet Games, Skyhook Games and the whole Train Sim World franchise, but there’s absolutely no debating that it is a series that is forever going from strength to strength. Much of that power is found in the new additions that have arrived for Train Sim World 2, with a couple more now present – and these ones are pretty special. 

Available for Train Sim World 2 players to purchase and download into their base game right now are the London Underground 1938 Stock EMU and DB BR 187. Now, there are a huge range of DLC pieces available already for the game, but these two look to bring something a little different to the scene, with the former being one that we just can’t wait to take in. 

The London Underground 1938 Stock EMU will take you back to the Art Deco period, with a veteran unit that kept us UK folk moving for years on end. Having first been planned in 1935, arriving on the scene a few years later, the design of these shook the railway world; so much so that it was able to hold a place in the hearts of many for years to come. 

With a lightbulb-lit interior, old-school control systems and an aesthetic which is still a joy to this day, if you’re looking to head back in time with Train Sim World 2, then picking up the London Underground 1938 Stock EMU for £11.99 should be a huge consideration. 

train sim world 2 db br 187

Sitting neatly alongside that though is the DB BR 187 pack. Similarly priced at £11.99, this is a much more modern loco, one that is pretty much still state of the art. It’s with this which you can run from Köln and Aachen in style, lugging pretty much whatever you fancy along for the ride. 

The DB BR 187 will let you approach 140 kmh, delivering an experience that is a world away from the pack which accompanies it. 

You’ll find both the DB BR 187 and London Underground 1938 Stock EMU add-ons for Train Sim World 2 present and correct at your nearest digital store. Bear in mind that you’ll need a copy of Train Sim World 2 already, but with that playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it. The Xbox Store links are above. 

If you wish to know more about Train Sim World 2, it would be a great call to listen in on our latest podcast – Episode 100 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast features an exclusive interview with those behind it

DB BR 187 Description:

Experience the pinnacle of modern motive power and the latest generation in a long line of classics with Skyhook Games’ DB BR 187 for Train Sim World 2! The TRAXX series of locomotives have been a staple throughout Europe and beyond since the 1990s. Featuring the latest technologies and a sturdy new design, the TRAXX “AC3” can be configured to run almost anywhere, and is in fact used in throughout Europe as well as Israel. For Germany, Deutsche Bahn placed an order for 110 of the F140 AC3; these would be used for hauling freight, and were classified as the DB BR 187. The state-of-the-art DB BR 187 represents the pinnacle of modern motive power, outputting 5600 kW and capable of achieving 140 km/h. No matter what needs moving, the DB BR 187 can haul with ease, and thanks to Skyhook Games you can put it to work in Train Sim World 2: Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen!

London Underground 1938 Stock EMU Description:

Experience a true London veteran that harkens back to the Art Deco era, a unit that defined Underground commuting for generations. Mind the gap, as Rivet Games’ London Underground 1938 Stock has arrived in Train Sim World 2 for yesteryear Bakerloo Line operations!

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