Two of the most popular titles on Xbox have today joined forces to celebrate the Wasteland. If you like Minecraft and you adore Fallout, then this downloadable content pack is for you.

The Minecraft Fallout Mash-Up DLC kind of does exactly what it says on the tin…it delivers a Fallout experience in the only way Minecraft knows how. No less than 44 skins, custom textures, a special map, the original Fallout soundtrack and a Pip-Boy inspired UI are all in place, enhancing your Minecraft experience no end.

For just £4.79, whether you’re an Xbox One or Xbox 360 player, if you are looking for something to deliver a new Minecraft experience, then you should be picking up the latest DLC right now. The Xbox Games Store awaits!

DLC Description:

Welcome to the Wasteland! Celebrate the Fallout® series in Minecraft by cracking open this Vault containing 44 unique skins, custom textures, re-skinned mobs, a special post-apocalyptic map, original Fallout soundtrack compilation and a Pip-Boy inspired UI.

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