If you like Minecraft then you really should have jumped on board with Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode. But should you have missed the first series, and are slightly slacking on season two, then the latest addition to the Microsoft Store is ready to tempt you in. Yep that’s right, it’s time to get in on some Minecraft Story Mode bundle action!

Available right now on Xbox One is The Minecraft Story Mode Bundle. Now, I don’t need to tell you what this entails as the title gives away everything you really need to know, but in case you aren’t sure, then you’ll find the full first season (yep, all eight episodes), plus all the fun of Season Two and the five episodes that are included in there.

It’s priced at £34.99, which unfortunately doesn’t quite put it in ‘must-purchase’ territory, but should you be one of those who has been sat on the fence, or just been waiting for the opportunity to fire through everything Telltale has been able to deliver in one big hit, then you should perhaps get involved. The Microsoft Store is, as always, the place to be.

Don’t forget to let us know if you pick this pack up by posting in the comments below.

Bundle Description:

This bundle includes 2 games from Telltale: – Minecraft: Story Mode (Episodes 1-8) – Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two (Episodes 1-5) THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME IN THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT


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