The Story Mode created by Telltale Games is back with a third episode, titled “The Last Place You Look”, based in the Minecraft world. After a pretty good start to the series, there was a serious dip in quality and length in the second episode, thus meaning it’s down to this latest one to put things back on track. Will this be a better crafted episode which offers a longer lasting and more entertaining experience?

After reuniting two Order of the Stone members – Ellegaard and Magnus – the attention turned to finding a weapon strong enough to destroy the Wither Storm once and for all. The hunt for the Formidi-Bomb began and the search for its creator, former Order member Soren, was proving to be a tough task; especially with the bitter and twisted Ivor slowing Jesse and the gang down, literally, by using a spot of magic. Now, they must continue onwards with the help of the amulet to locate Soren sooner, rather than later.

Within Soren’s massive lair you’ll come across a whole host of enemies such as creepers, spiders and skeletons; the latter of which have great bow accuracy, so you need to be fast at the old QTE’s to avoid incoming attacks. Protecting yourself is problematic enough but the rest of the gang will certainly need a hand too when a vast amount of enemies are coming from all directions. There’s a hell of a lot of action to kick off ‘The Last Place You Look’ and that really gets the adrenaline going.

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Jesse finds himself (or herself depending on your initial creation choice) in a tricky situation where the gang is concerned, trying to be a leader whilst having to sort out the underlying issues. Cracks are really starting to show between those in the group and, as the player, even I’m starting to feel the tension when every decision seems to be questioned. You know there’s been a bad decision made when your long time friend and pet pig Reuben gives you the cold shoulder. At least there’s still room for some humour in these dark times of episode three.

We’re only introduced to one new character and you’ve probably guessed that it’s the guy we’ve been looking for… Soren. He, unintentionally, brings some of the humour to this episode due to his eccentric personality; I can only describe him as on that fine line in the middle of being a genius and an absolute fruit loop. Being a master builder, some of his creations are on show and include a wonderfully bright area full of life. The secret chambers where he actually lives are of the highest quality in style, but what he’s up to for his next project is utterly bonkers and involves the dreaded Endermen.

Given the disappointment of episode two, this third one manages to steady the ship with a solid offering of action, fun, spells of laughter and tough decisions that come alongside impending doom and gloom. Even if some decisions don’t matter too much, the game convinces the player that the choices at hand are of utmost importance. As a gamer I feel for the main character being thrust into the chaos but it’s also a shame for his pals, with one of them at death’s door and the others almost looking overwhelmed by it all.


‘The Last Place You Look’ adds a little more emotion to proceedings without compromising too much on the parts that made the debut episode enjoyable. Tune in next time to see if Telltale can find some consistency for this series.

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