After an impressive opener for the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode, there’s no doubt that even someone like myself – who isn’t overly interested in the game world it’s based upon – can be excited to see where the adventure takes us next, just as much as a Minecraft fanatic. Episode Two, “Giant Consequences”, is here to follow the repercussions of Jesse’s actions, but will it prove to be another successful outing from Telltale Games?

The Order of the Stone had drifted apart to the point where they barely spend any time with each other – until Petra came around calling for help in finding a llama. Jesse being Jesse, he just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure, despite having the whole of Beacontown to watch over. One thing led to another and an ancient gauntlet becomes attached to his arm, with the only viable solution for its removal appearing to require a trip to a sea temple. They’re all blissfully unaware that doing so would unleash a Prismarine colossus into the world. And this is when “Giant Consequences” begins…

I initially figured that each each episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two would have a self contained story, much like the latter episodes of the previous season, until that massive being made a re-appearance at the end of Episode One. Now it has become clear that this thing, ‘The Admin’, will be a major antagonist for Jesse and his newly formed crew. He’s back and ready to cause serious hassle for the Beacontown and anyone associated with Jesse. And so far, it’s pushing the excitement levels to new heights.

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Once more there’s a keen balance between action-packed moments and downtime, with just enough chit chat to keep the story ticking along. Not only are there QTEs involving the colossus, but also as part of a mine cart rollercoaster and intense conflicts with enemies doing the bidding of The Admin. The best part though comes when faced with a quick-fire shooting gallery, where you must only fire at certain moving enemies and not at the friendlier looking character models. You have to press the buttons responding to the ones you wish to fire at and each round gets faster and tougher. This, alongside the crafting and the creative building section, are great ideas in order to provide the necessary variety.

The story itself plays out at a decent pace and includes a fair few twists to make the player occasionally gasp in shock. It’s baffling as to how Jesse can rally the troops to overcome the mammoth task at hand and the latter stages of the episode really hammer home his status as the proverbial underdog.

The more I think about the concept of The Admin, the more I believe it to be a clever idea that works on different levels. The Admin can take up various forms and has utter control over the world; from changing the weather to summoning hostile mobs at will – think zombies, snow golems and icy ender creepers. There’s a certain charm to the voiceover which could make him likeable, however the mean side he possesses prevents you from thinking he’s a good guy. As far as baddies go, he’s a real force to be reckoned with.

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Radar is one of the few standouts of the episode, given how he’s such a fearful chap at heart yet manages to show courage and bravery when needed. Not a lot can be said about the rest of the main characters though, as they don’t particularly do anything brilliant or terrible throughout. It isn’t really a bad thing to see the focus put on the villain. I do have a slight problem with cameos of famous YouTube personalities Stampy Cat and StacyPlays just popping up pointlessly, with literally nothing interesting to offer though. It’s all very forced.

A vital aspect to the popularity of Minecraft is found in the wonderful things that can be constructed and the Icy Palace that features in Giant Consequences is absolutely lovely. In fact, the whole snowy theme that encompasses the world really helps to freshen up the familiar locations and allow new environments to thrive. After recently going back to the first season, it’s impressive how much smoother the visuals are – it really does look like a good animated TV series at times.

Telltale Games are rolling with the momentum, ensuring Giant Consequences is a great episode that doesn’t drop the ball after the high standards set before it. The whole idea of The Admin is one that’s really intriguing and enables the developers such a creative license, without compromising on the main narrative at the centre of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two. There’s action aplenty to serve the interactive portion of the game and none of it could be considered boring. As far as dialogue goes, it’s probably the only area that brings nothing special to the table and the YouTubers are beginning to grate on me. It could do with being a bit longer too, coming in at under 90 minutes playtime.

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Episode Two “Giant Consequences” is a great addition to an already exciting second season of Minecraft: Story Mode and is well worth a look.


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