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Can’t wait any longer for the Minecraft to hit Xbox One? Well it won’t be long now as Minecraft Xbox One Edition has been given a release date of August 2014.

When in August is anyones guess but at least we now know it’ll be here sooner rather than later.

With bigger worlds including all the features currently in the XBox 360 Edition and the ability to import your 360 save game data straight into Xbox One (including any downloadable skins or packs you may have purchased), Minecraft Xbox One Edition will be ready for you to create to your hearts content once more.

You’ll also no doubt be interested in the price. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will release at $19.99, but if you’re moving up from the Xbox 360 Edition then the Xbox One upgrade will cost you a mere $4.99. Currently no word on a UK or Europe price but we’ll let you know as soon as the details emerge!

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