mx nitro rev 1

Chances are you know all about Miniclip – but did you know that they were bringing MX Nitro to Xbox One, PS4 and PC? No? Well, it’s available for download right now!

Available as a £15.99 digital download, MX Nitro brings not just a single player mode, but a full multiplayer offering, a whole host of bosses to race against, more than 40 tracks, 55 unique tricks and five bikes to hit the action on. It’s nitro-fuelled motocross madness at its very best and whether you’re looking to cross the line in first place, or just want to show off your best stunts to all-comers, MX Nitro delivers.

Our full review will be coming your way as soon as possible (probably by the time you are reading this), but chances are MX Nitro is well worth a little shot. If you’re down for a 40 hour solo campaign, or fancy going head to head with others from around the world, then make your way over to the Xbox Games Store (or your store of choice should you not be on Xbox One), and grab it right now.

Game Description:

Nitro-fuelled, mad-motocross stunts and racing with MX Nitro! Adrenaline overload at break-neck speed: Welcome to the MX Nitro world of thrill-ride motocross racing. Will you risk bone-breaking stunts to get the Nitro-boosts you need to win? You’ll need to ride fast, fly high and hit combos with the most death-defying tricks you can master. Grab your first bike, nail its controls and you’re all set for a journey through some breath-taking locations, unlocking an Emergency Room full of stunts and dominating the tracks to become the MX Nitro champion. Pimp out everything: Kit out your favorite bike, suit up with custom outfits and take to the tarmac, dirt or wow the crowd in the arena! Keep winning to unlock unique rider skins, bike upgrades, ace challenges and grab achievements.Pick a trick: With 55 unique stunts to learn you can make your mark mid-air. California Roll through the sand dunes, Tsunami over treetops or Whip, Flip and Coffin for the win. But get that timing right because eating dirt is never a good look. Keep the engine revving: With a 40 hour Solo-campaign featuring head to head Boss-races, you can hone your skills for a lifetime of challenges against friends and other riders from around the world in online multiplayer. Have you got what it takes to challenge the daredevils and dominate the leaderboards? Game Features:●PvP with other players’ ghosts●13 hardcore Bosses●More than 40 tracks around the globe●5 unique bikes●55 crazy stunts●Solo campaign and multiplayer●Bike and rider customization●Challenges and achievements●Hard rockin’ soundtrack Other features: ●AAA quality environment, characters and animations●Dynamic matchmaking●Advanced physics system●Mind-blowing soundscape


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