Horror comes in many forms – jump scares, audio cues, darkness and more. Now though it also comes in the minimalist form as Cold Silence launches on Xbox One.

Available to download right now from the Xbox Store, allowing you the chance to add another new game to your Xbox One digital library, Cold Silence deals in the minimalist as you are left to attempt reveal the truth hidden within this strange world.

Priced up at a mere £4.19, Cold Silence on Xbox One is certainly never going to be found breaking the bank, and opening the wallet to get a purchase in for this new horror experience should be a relatively painless exercise. That is until you fall into the world and discover the horrors within, working your ways through a snowy landscape, following nothing but a strange voice coming from a radio.

Your fears will need to be confronted in Cold Silence, and whilst darkness will never play on these fears, the simple but effective colour palette utilised to evoke despair certainly looks to ensure this is a game which covers a whole different style than the norm.

With a seamless world unfolding as you explore, secrets to hunt out and bosses to take down, Cold Silence looks to deliver the thrills required of any horror game – and the fact that five difficulty modes have been implemented should mean that even when you’re done the once, there will be enough draw in terms of replayability to keep you going back for me.

And for £4.19 that sounds like a good deal to us. If you agree, head on over to the Xbox Store and fill your boots with this minimalist horror experience. And keep an eye out for our review too – we’ll have some thoughts live as soon as we can.

Game Description:

This is minimalistic horror platformer about surviving in snowy mountains. Follow the voice from the radio, fight your fears and reveal the truth!

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