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If you can think back to the summer of 2018 then you may well remember a small mine cart roller coasting title rolled up onto Xbox One. That game was Mining Rail; a game that went very much under the radar in and amongst the other huge titles that released around it. But no matter whether you played the original game or not matters little, as today we see the sequel rock up and Mining Rail 2 on Xbox One comes with a whole load of new content.

Available to purchase and download this very minute is Mining Rail 2 on Xbox One. Priced up at £11.74, if you’re in the market for some roller coasting action and can’t afford the huge ticket prices being asked of your local theme park, then this may well be your best – and only – option.

But what is Mining Rail 2? Well, it’s a roller coaster game – just one set in an old mine – and it’ll be left to you to hop into the nearest mine cart and travel at speed along the dirtiest, dustiest, railway track.

Getting to the end of the track in the shortest amount of time possible is the name of the game and only by shifting the weight of the cart pilot, utilising every ounce of your skills as you navigate through various corners at speed, will you find success. Anyone who played the original game from last year will know the drill and this sequel should play out along very similar terms, just now there are more worlds to enjoy, extra features to take in and an even greater skill set required.

Mining Rail 2 on Xbox One promises to take you over and under no less than 110 fixed tracks, 11 worlds, and 5 levels, asking you to complete 1815 different tasks – and yep, it is that precise. With a world generator then also hammering home an endless number of random tracks, and the chance to take in a variety of environments like the Northern Forest, the Stone Valley, the Fire Island and more, you can be sure you’ll be in for an up-and-down test throughout. There is even a Ghost Mine available for the most hardened of roller coaster enthusiasts. You’ll need to get your wits about you in order to enter that one though.

The usual download is obtained by visiting the Xbox Store and paying up that £11.74 asking price for Mining Rail 2. Will you be taking a trip to the old mining rail? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Description:

Mining Rail 2 is a roller coaster game. Get into your mine cart and drive at high speed along the railway track, getting through the mine to the exit and down to the valley. The track is steep, the curves tight and the force tries to take your vehicle out of the bend. A good pilot now shifts the weight, tilts the mine cart in the curve and manages every tricky part of the track. – exciting high speed downhill driving – real roller coaster feeling – over- and underground driving – world generator for fixed and random tracks – version 2 with new worlds and many additional features A mine cart pilot must qualify for his missions and is rated by the number of tasks completed. You have to be fast, accident-free and efficient in collecting gems. Only then you will get access to the next mining world. – 110 fixed tracks – 11 hidden tracks – 11 worlds – 5 levels – 1815 tasks – 30 upgrades – endless number of random tracks Your mining operations will take you to the most exciting mine tracks in the world. From the Northern Forest via the Fire Island to Crystal Stone, your driving skills become a legend. But every experienced mine cart pilot has to face at regular intervals the challenge of the Ghost Mine. – Northern Forest – Sunny Coast – Stone Valley – Steep Mountains – Fire Island – Southern Hills – Lava Grottoes – Crystal Stone – Blue Caves – Desert Rock – Ghost Mine The dark Ghost Mine will not be entered by humans. Here live the dead, ghosts, giant spiders and vampire bats. There is no electric light and some sections are very steep. People tell about strange creatures that live in the caves of the Ghost Mine. – 10 fixed tracks Ghost Mine – 1 hidden track Ghost Mine – 5 levels – 33 tasks – endless number of random tracks in Ghost Mine Find your way through the Ghost Mine and the most impressive mines around the world and start a journey from deep inside the mountains down to the safe station at the end of the track.

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