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How can you solve a crossword if there are no clues? Well, just like in Alphaset by POWGI, you mix in a bit of sudoku to help. 

Previously available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and the good old PS Viita, Alphaset by POWGI is the latest ‘… by POWGI’ title to hit Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with full next-gen optimisation coming about for the latter of those. 

In fact, it’s the eighth POWGI title in all to hit Xbox, with the last couple of years being a rich time for the Lightwood Games team that helps push these out. Much like the previous games too, this one will have you needing to muster up all your word-skills and knowledge in order to find success – with the usual terrible jokes revealed each and every time you solve a puzzle. 

150 odd puzzles come in Alphaset but how you solve them is a little different to the norm. See, this mixes the age-old crossword ideas with that of sudoku, tasking you with filling in the blank spaces with each and every letter of the alphabet. The thing is, you can only use each letter once, and MUST place every one too. 

It’s certainly a decent little challenge that Lightwood have created here, and as our review for Alphaset by POWGI states, the amount of puzzles on offer is plenty generous. Admittedly, we found it can at times boil down to trial-and-error in the hope that you can complete each puzzle, but for the most part we enjoyed what is in place.

If you’ve taken in a previous ‘… by POWGI’ game before then you’ll know what to expect here. And if you liked those of Gaps, Ladders, Crypto, Roundout or any of the others, there’s a good chance you’ll do the same with Alphaset. 

Whatever though, get yourself over to the Xbox Store and pick up a download of Alphaset by POWGI right now. The £6.69 asking price should tempt you in. 

Game Description:

This new word puzzle is a mix of crosswords and sudoku, challenging both your vocabulary and your deduction skills. There are 26 blank squares. Each letter of the alphabet must be placed exactly once in order to fill the grid with valid English words. Reveal a terrible joke each time you solve a puzzle!

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