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Smashing bricks is nothing new, but the way you go about it in Arkan: The dog adventurer certainly is. 
Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, Arkan: The dog adventurer attempts something different to your everyday standard Arkanoid clone – it throws platforming elements in to the mix. 

Priced at £4.19, Arkan: The dog adventurer by Taverna Game Studio and Sometimes You (previously behind Dull Grey and Bitmaster) will not just have you destroying bricks, but anything and everything else that moves too. By moving the main canine character around, you’ll find the opportunity to jump, smash and take down all who get between you and your ultimate goal. 

With a host of levels and stages in play, dodging and attacking in response to all outcomes is the main thrust of Arkan: The dog adventurer, with the difficulty in how that plays out increasing in terms of reaction times and accuracy as you head forth. 

When you then throw in some fun visuals and decent music – along with that low price point – and well, Arkan: The dog adventurer may just be a bit of a surprise. 

It’s present on the digital store of your choosing, as long as you have decided on a life with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Store page which will help you grab a download of Arkan: The dog adventurer is right here.

Should you be looking to know more, keep an eye out for our review. 

Game Description:

A unique explosive mixture of platformer and arkanoid! Hit the ball! Move around, jump! Smash the bricks! Destroy the enemies! Destroy everything destroyable! Dodge enemy shells and attack in response, the ever-growing complexity will not let you get bored. Walk through a huge number of levels using your accuracy and reaction. Nice graphics and music will support you on this tough journey full of rich experiences! If you are a lover of platformer or arkanoid, if you love solid complexity and have stamina – this game is for you. If the last two points are not about you, the game also provides an easy mode.

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