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The first Xbox 360 title to be given away as part of Septembers Xbox Games With Gold scheme is Moncao: What’s Yours Is Mine and you can download it now for free.

A game that simple oozes co-op class, Monaco sees you and your friends team up and try to execute the perfect crime. There is single player available but take it from us, you’ll want to experience this in the multiplayer co-op field and as it’s free, there’s absolutely no reason why you and your mates shouldn’t be giving it a go at the very least.

You’ll usually need to pay £9.99 for the privelege of downloading Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine on your Xbox 360, but from the 1st-15th September you can nab it free as long as you are an Xbox Live Gold member. Make your way to the Xbox Games Store or search the game out directly on your 360 console.

Game Description:

Assemble a crack team of thieves and execute the perfect crime. Sneak, steal, and run for your lives in single player or with up to four friends in local or online co-op. Find out why it won the 2010 IGF Grand Prize and has been described by Rev3Games’ Anthony Carboni as “quite possible the best co-op ever.”

Make sure you download Monaco before the 16th September as after that Halo Reach will be given away for free.

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