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Looking for a new puzzler to keep you busy over the weekend? Monochroma is now available for download on Xbox One.

Available right now for £7.99, Monochroma delivers a visual, intellectual story that promises to pull at the heart strings. With no words, and no narration, the black, white and red visuals will attempt to tell the tale themselves, as a world full of puzzles, platforms and intrigue drag you in.

Game Description:

Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle platformer that takes place in an industrial-alchemic setting. It’s about being a child, having a little brother, growing up, falling down and solving some other puzzles. Monochroma offers a deeply visual, intellectual, and emotional experience. The game tells it story without using any written or spoken words. It has black and white graphics only coloured with red. Monochroma features realistic locations and puzzles modelled with accurate physics. Puzzle designs are far from arbitrary trial-and-error gameplay.

The Xbox One Games Store awaits.

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