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Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil Collaboration Now Live


Looking for even more Monster Hunter World? Well, today you’re in luck!

Version 11.50 of Monster Hunter World has today released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is a smaller update compared to last months Rajang update and the upcoming new monster coming in December, but that doesn’t mean the Xbox Store hasn’t been left out as well!

Top of the bill is the collaboration with Resident Evil in this Racoon City update that will have players hunting down a Blackveil Vaal Hazak. This time though, its’ spore releases have a weird effect on players, not unlike turning them into the walking dead. To see it in action, check out this very funny video below:

Completing the hunt – only available for those at MR20 or above – will allow you to create Full Armor Sets based on Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the hugely successful Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year. Other rewards include some fanciful Raccoon City themed pendants for your swords and new gestures including a zombie shuffle or a zombie bite that does actual damage to nearby monster.

New room items are also introduced in this collaboration including the iconic typewriter and a new item box. With last month’s update allowing friend to visit each other’s rooms you can even show off your macabre interior design skills to other players.

But did you notice in that video Mr. X had appeared to take the place of your handler? Fear not, that is just a new costume for the Handler available from the Xbox Store, along with a whole load of new items to download.

The Handler’s Tyrant costume is available to download priced at £2.39 but if you are looking for something a bit cheaper there is the new Raccoon City Sticker Set priced at £1.59 that can be used in chat featuring some humourous cartoon drawings of the whole Resi 2 crew.

If you need more items to decorate your room, then you are also in luck. Along with the Raccoon City Collaboration is a new music player priced at £0.79 that comes with three tracks from the zombie survival game: Ending Theme, Save Room Theme and Tyrant Battle Theme. If you choose to go to your room, relax in your private hotspring and put the Tyrant Battle Theme on then you must be some sort of sadist, but each to their own.

Then finally, we have plenty of new monster figures to put around your room. So many in fact, that it’s just easier to list them. All are priced at £2.39:

As you will see, some of these are from the new Iceborne expansion so it goes without saying that to access any of these new DLC items, you will need that expansion, but I am glad to see my favourite Tobi-Kadachi in the list too!

Are there any figures you would like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

What new monster will be on next month

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