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Remember Monstrum, the roguelike survival horror title that hit PC back in 2015? Well, Junkfish are back and today they’ve announced a multiplayer focused follow-up, Monstrum II.

Set on board a decaying 1970’s era sea fortress, Monstrum II will see players facing terrifying monsters that are controlled by other players in a procedurally generated horror labyrinth, and it’ll be coming to PC in 2020 with versions due to hit both Xbox and Playstation consoles after.

“We were thrilled fans from all over enjoyed the first game, and we’re extremely excited to delve further into Monstrum to give them more of what they enjoy,” said Adam Dart, Creative Director of Junkfish. “While the first title was a single player experience, Monstrum II will focus on a horror experience you can enjoy with others.”

Monstrum II will see players having to think on their feet, adapting to a dynamic, open-ended horror playground. It’ll be down to you to decide how you tactically exploit the different environmental and gameplay challenges generated with each playthrough, regardless of if you’re playing as the survivors, or as one of the deadly oceanic monstrosities hunting them down.

Thankfully there will be countless solutions to the ever-changing obstacles in Monstrum II, whether you’re found using scavenged items to access hidden routes, wish to brutally smash through destructible objects, or look to climb the environment to ambush your prey. No matter whether you are working cooperatively with your fellow survivors to reach important equipment, or going solo and hiding to gracefully avoid detection, Monstrum II will allow for it.

Whilst this may be some way off – particularly the console side of things – there’s no harm in dropping a little trailer out, is there! If you like what you see, more info can be found over at the Steam page.

Let us know what you think about the Monstrum II news by dropping down into the comments section below.

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