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Morbid: The Seven Acolytes may as well be a 2D Dark Souls on Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC

morbid seven acolytes

While we wait for a Dark Souls-inspired kart game or match-3, we’ll have to make do with an isometric action RPG that heavily draws on FromSoftware’s opus. Morbid: The Seven Acolytes looks bloody, difficult, bloody difficult, and full of bosses that dominate the screen. Morbid: Seven Acolytes is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC via Steam.

You are a Striver of Dibrom, the last of your kind, and it falls to you to defeat the Seven Acolytes. As you probably expected, these aren’t insignificant beasts, as they’re possessed by malevolent deities. Such a pain when that happens. 

This plays out in an isometric hack-and-slash. You’re chopping through horrific demonspawn, and occasionally stumbling across minibosses and bosses. The emphasis is on dodging and getting a hit in wherever you can, as combat is challenging and death is regular. 

It sounds fantastic, with a doomy, metal soundtrack occasionally enlivened with choirs. A lot of the boss battles are timed to the music, which sounds intriguing (though probably not in the Parappa the Rapper sense). Graphically, this is heavy on the gothic pixel-art, somewhere between Giger and Lovecraft, and we love the disgusting look of it. 

Similar to the Dark Soulsiverse, there is a lot of story to be found in the environment and characters, as they expand on the world of Mornia, and the Gahars who are looking to possess the powerful in an attempt to conquer it. There’s depth in the progression, too, with the ability to gain perks and then level them up to create imbalanced god-slayers. There are 25 weapons to gain too, so there’s plenty to strategise over. 

Features include:

  • Experience epic, brutal boss encounters and explore a diverse array of environments
  • Perk levelling system with multiple ways to build your character
  • Deep, immersive lore with NPC’s to meet throughout the world
  • Health, Stamina and Sanity management is important as you traverse the world

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £20.99 with a small launch discount taking hold for the initial launch period. It’s also out on PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. Keep an eye out for our review of Morbid in the days ahead. 

Game Description:

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a Horrorpunk Action RPG filled with Lovecraftian horrors and Cronenbergian gore, making it the most gruesome take on the isometric Souls-like genre yet! You are the last surviving Striver of Dibrom. Your duty, for which you have trained your whole life, is to defeat the Seven Acolytes, accursed and powerful beings, possessed by malevolent deities called Gahars. Challenging foes, mini-bosses, and memorable large-scale boss fights with fully orchestrated music, are central to the world of Morbid. To overcome these obstacles you must master the combat, as well as improve your character and gear through a wealth of elements such as Quests, Perks, Runes, Upgrades, and Looting. The Gahars have bound their twisted minds to the flesh of the Seven Acolytes, for without hosts they cannot survive. You must slay the Acolytes, thus ridding the Gahars of their flesh. Succeed, and you’ll free the kingdom from the heavy yoke of their terror. Fail, and the malicious gods rule on, as the Acolytes rise anew, and madness prevails.

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