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More than 1 million Dragon Riders have launched into the skies of Century: Age of Ashes

Century Age of Ashes key art

You’ve probably heard of Century: Age of Ashes – the free-to-play dragon rider from Playwing that has recently thrust players into the PC skies. Well, after just a few short weeks of play, the player base has reached more than a million players, but that’s just the start of the big plans for the game – with a console launch including full cross-play functionality coming soon.

Celebrated with a new accolades trailer and having only launched in December 2021, Century: Age of Ashes developers Playwing have announced that they’ve hit the massive million player milestone. This means more than one million players have mounted up and launched into the skies of Century: Age of Ashes, since launch, with Playwing quite obviously thrilled by the success.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see a million players taking it to the skies just a few weeks after launch. There’s been an amazing outpouring of support for Century: Age of Ashes from both critics and the community who can now quench their thirst for dragon-riding fantasy – and they can expect a lot more content in the months to come!” said Pascal Barret, Art Director.

There’s much more to come though and Playwing has also confirmed their plans to rollout a dense calendar of content in the next four months – including a Last Team Standing and a new innovative Fortress game mode, a new Challenges system and bi-monthly Live Events; as well as a fourth Rider class and Dragon species that’ll launch alongside their competitive Season 1. Core gameplay will also receive significant updates, opening new and exciting opportunities for players to interact with their environment.

And from there? Well, Century: Age of Ashes will take the dragon-riding experience to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2022, with the aim of having a full cross-play functionality.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with how the unique multiplayer arena shooting legendary dragon rider gets set to hit console, as the free-to-play title gives players the chance to join some seriously deep multiplayer aerial arena battles, selecting one of three classes with distinct abilities, each with their own unique dragon, before competing as a team and raining fire down on your foes!

In the meantime, watch the Century: Age of Ashes Accolades trailer and download the game from the Xbox Store before playing it on your PC.

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