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After being revealed back in April of 2020, then releasing in August, Mortal Shell has gone on to new levels. Now, just as a cool half million sales have been confirmed, the next-gen Enhanced Edition rolls out on to Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Described as ‘Even Soulsier’ than Dark Souls, Mortal Shell came into the world to pretty critical acclaim. In fact, our very own review of the game on Xbox One mentioned a game that was great to get lost in, one which provided some super deep lore, and where victory had to be earned as the difficulty spurred you on. It wasn’t perfect mind, and with Dark Souls already claiming a cult place at the big gaming table, and this providing an experience like that but on steroids, it was certainly a game that would require patience and skill. 

But that was then, this is now and just as Mortal Shell rolls over the 500,000 units sold mark, the Enhanced Edition comes to Xbox Series X|S and PS5; an enhanced edition that brings in some new goodies. 

“Mortal Shell continues to blaze a trail for Playstack,” said the publisher’s chief executive Harvey Elliott. “Reaching 500,000 sales is a wonderful and deserving achievement for the supremely talented developers at Cold Symmetry. It gives us plenty of optimism for a busy year ahead for the game, which kicks off today with the release of Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition. Our fans have been incredible and we can’t wait to show them what’s next.”

Priced at £24.99, or available as a free upgrade to those who previously purchased Mortal Shell on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, the Enhanced Edition of the game provides the best spectacle yet. 4K resolution, faster loading times, 60 frames per second gameplay are all as standard (4K30 on Series S), whilst those on PS5 will get the added joy of DualSense support. The downside to the PlayStation upgrade though is that any players who previously played on PS4 will have to restart matters again on PS5 – progress does not carry over. 

mortal shell enhanced deluxe

That’s not all though and if you REALLY like Mortal Shell or really dislike digital games, then you’ll be glad to hear about the Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition – Deluxe Set. This limited edition will hit Europe and America in April, bringing with it a 140-page artbook with never-before-seen concept art and illustrations, as well as a Reversible Cover and Art Postcards. It’s limited, but if you stop by GameStop (US), GAME (UK), GAME (Spain), Amazon (Spain), GameStop (Italy), Flashpoint (Germany), or Media Markt (Germany), you should be able to find one. 

If you’re cool with digital like us, then get over to your favourite store in order to grab Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition right now. We’ll have a full review of this new snazzy edition in the days ahead. 

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