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Most competitive Games that made it to E-Sport and the growth of Esport betting in the Lonestar state


Top ESport Games by Prize Money of 2021

On this list you find all the top ESport games whether PC, Xbox or Playstation with the highest prizes in the world. So this therefore means that these games are played by players that come from different cultures and unite to battle it out to see who can come out on top and win that BIG prize. With this it’s also worth mentioning that if you are looking to make some money of your own from these games, you are in luck! You are able to bet on these games that your favourite players are playing. If for example you come from the state of Texas it is easy to find the right sportsbook. You can simply just search for the best sportsbooks for sports betting in the Lone Star State as for you to be able to have the best sportsbook out there. Conducting your own research is highly recommended, as to know what they offer to their customers, the safety of using their services, and to know what kind of welcome bonus they offer to the potential clients.

Sports Betting in the Lone Star State

As of currently, sport bettors living in the state of Texas aren’t able to legally gamble at brick and mortar stores. However players can refer to offshore sites and gamble online without fear of prosecution. It is recommended to check out information regarding sports betting in Lone Star State before actually making a deposit. It’s generally recommended to do some research to make sure you pick the right site for your wagering itches and also to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for buck.

The link between esports and gambling has always been intriguing. From a rich, but severely disorganised, skin wagering world to one that is more like that of regular sports, the business has evolved over the past several years.

Traditional providers were few and far between, while esports bookmakers didn’t exist whatsoever prior to the rise of this particular industry. As it stands currently, there are several high-street brands giving odds on various esports tournaments throughout the world, including the likes of the state of Texas.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Yes, PUBG: Battlegrounds is on the list, but this time it’s the PC version, which has been rebranded this year. Although the acronym already contains the word “Battlegrounds,” the change was made to distinguish the original PUBG from the brand-new PUBG: New State mobile game that was released earlier this year. The esports scene for PUBG Mobile has fared better financially than the esports scene for PUBG PC, despite predictions that PC versions of the game were doomed. And on January 12, 2022 the original PUBG game was available for free-to-play on PC.

On the other hand, it is one of the most international esports ecosystems in terms of the greatest teams – any major area may produce a squad that is the best in the world on any given day. This is not always the case with South Korea’s extended domination in League of Legends or StarCraft.


CS:GO, of course, has to be included on this list: In 2021, the king of competitive shooters will begin reopening stadiums, flooding arenas in Northern Europe to remind us of happier days. To be fair, the current period does not pose any problems for the game’s professional players. CS:GO tournaments are almost always held, thanks to Valve’s lax oversight of the first-person shooter’s competition environment. For fans who can’t get enough of AWP head shots, this can be perplexing, but it also means that there is always a competition going on in CS:GO, which really is fantastic for those who want more and more CS:GO action. Also, the entire prize pool will have increased a few hundred dollars by December 31, rendering the above amount out-of-date, which is terrible for this list.

As a result, Valve stands in sharp contrast to Riot Games, which oversees practically every aspect of the esports sector for its games. Over the years, it’s been intriguing to examine the many advantages and disadvantages of all these techniques.

Dota 2

Dota 2‘s next global tournament, The International, has already established a new prize money record, and every news outlet undoubtedly has a boilerplate piece about it. In this case, Valve’s kindness has nothing to do with the outcome. The publishers invested roughly $1.6 million in the past tournament, while the fans contributed the rest $38.4 million, as an example. The tournament’s prize fund can be increased by fans by purchasing an annual battle pass.

A tiny percentage of income from this battle pass does go towards the prize pool, making Valve possibly the most successful publishers in producing direct value from their ESL environment. As the prize fund expands each year thanks to increased participation by fans, stories like the ones above are more and more common. Since Valve is supplying the battle pass material, nobody really complains if it takes a hefty share.

The International, as you can see, accounts for a significant amount of the year’s overall prize money. This is another instance where Valve contrasts sharply with Riot Games. Though The International draws attention and makes victors billionaires in a single day (which really is part of the fun since every spell or move may be worth a ton of cash), the whole Dota 2 landscape is hyperfocused on The International. To put it mildly, those who don’t reach it are at risk of annihilation. For the time being, Dota 2 will stay a discipline in which only the biggest fish can feed healthily, despite Valve’s efforts to improve the basis of the scene. It’s a lot of fun to watch them go at it over that food, though.

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